Rugby tax refunds

Rugby Tax Refunds

What is a rugby tax refund?

As a professional or semi-professional Rugby player you are an expert in all things Rugby. However, are you aware of the many expenses you have could contribute to a good tax refund for you.  Here at Vortex Accountants we are not experts at playing Rugby but we do know a thing or two about tax and we can help you get the most back from HMRC on a tax refund.

Rugby players are entitled to claim their travel expenses whether it’s driving your own car or public transport plus food and accommodation while on away games plus many other expenses.

Am I entitled to a rugby tax refund?

Rugby players can claim tax back on expenses from up to 4 years ago. You will need as much information as possible including receipts for fuel, overnight stays in hotels, and dry cleaning for maintaining your kit. To start a claim, we would need the following information:

  • Copies of your payslips
  • Site locations where you have worked
  • Receipts of equipment purchased for work
  • Employment contracts
  • Any other relevant information you feel may help you

The more information we have, no matter how small or irrelevant you believe it to be, the better the chance of a bigger claim.

Rugby Tax Refunds

How long does a rugby tax refund take to process?

The sooner you start a claim process, the better as it can tax 8-10 weeks for the HM Customs and Revenue to process a tax refund.

What am I allowed to claim tax back on?

You can claim tax back on most work-related expenses. Below is a list of items that you can request a tax rebate on:

This list is an example of what you could claim back; there may be expenses & items specific to the job role that you could claim back.

Vehicles for work use

Fuel & Mileage costs

Travel expenses

Overnight expenses (food in certain circumstances)

Rail Tickets (single & season tickets)

Uniforms, work clothing and tools

Cleaning costs for uniforms

Professional fees, subscriptions & unions fees

What are the deadlines?

In the UK, the current legislation states that you can claim back up to four years when claiming a tax rebate. What this means is you could claim for the following tax periods.

  • Year ending 5th April 2017
  • Year ending 5th April 2018
  • Year ending 5th April 2019
  • Year ending 5th April 2020

Over such a long period of time wage slips and p60s can be lost or misplaced. In most cases, this is not a problem as at Vortex Accountants we can seek copies from HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

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Rugby Tax Refund

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