Oil Rig Workers Tax Refund

Oil Rig Workers Tax Refunds

What is an oil rig workers tax refund?

If you’re working offshore on an oil rig, you’re probably on the hook for more than just travel and accommodation costs. There’s a wide range of tax deductions for oilfield workers on offer, depending on your circumstances, you might also be owed tax relief on things like:

  • Laundry and maintenance of your specialised work clothing.
  • Upkeep and replacement of any essential tools you need for your job.
  • Subscription fees to professional bodies.
  • Hotel costs – you may find yourself stuck in a hotel the night before you head out to the rig.
  • Expenses whilst waiting to fly out.

If you don’t fancy the idea of keeping track of all the available tax deductions for offshore workers, you could still make an ofshore tax rebate claim. The Flat Rate Expenses scheme can help simplify things by listing specific amounts of tax relief you can claim for common costs. You may not get back everything you’re owed, but it can take some of the bookkeeping our of the process.

Oil Rig Workers Tax Refund

Are you owed tax back from HMRC?

How long does a tex claim take?

How long Tax takes to come back depends on two things:

How fast you can get the required information to ourselves
How busy HMRC are, which depends a lot on what time of the year it is

April and January are the busiest months for HMRC where repayments can take over a month. During other times however, it has been known for Tax claims to be credited within 11 days!

As deadlines apply for making claims, we advise you get in touch as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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