Payroll (PAYE)

Payroll for your business

Administering payroll is becoming increasingly burdensome for many businesses, taking more and more time and resources away from core business functions. The recent introduction by HMRC of Real Time Information (RTI) has only served to increase this burden.

Fortunately payroll can easily be separated from your other accounting activities and outsourced to a specialist agency such as our team of payroll professionals.

We can help to relieve the burden with our comprehensive and cost-effective payroll service, which includes:

Processing of payroll on a weekly, monthly or annual basis

Standard payroll reports

Customised and generic payslips

Advice on tax and NIC payable

Dealing with employee enquiries

Production of year-end P60s

Starters and leavers

Code number changes

Company, personal, and stakeholder pension schemes

Student loan recovery


Child maintenance orders

Pay in lieu of notice redundancy

Taxable benefits and P11Ds

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