Rugby tax claims

Rugby Tax Claim

Rugby Tax Claim

How long does a rugby tax refund take to process?

The sooner you start a claim process, the better as it can tax 8-10 weeks for the HM Customs and Revenue to process a tax refund.

Am I due any tax back?

Most workers, whether employed or self-employed may be due a tax rebate for work-related items, expenses or because they have paid too much tax. HMRC do not know everyone’s individual circumstances, and it is up to the taxpayer to contact HMRC to see if they are entitled to any tax relief.

Other reasons for a tax refund may include pension payments, redundancy payments, interest from a savings account, PPI, or UK income if you are living aboard.

All claims for tax refunds and rebates are reviewed on a case by case basis. Use our tax claim form and answer a few simple questions to see if you could be entitled to make a claim.

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Rugby Tax Claim

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